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The Double enables a revolutionary new level of interaction with your remote team, customers, family and more.


Q. Which platforms can I drive from?

A. You can drive from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or desktop Chrome web browser.

Q. What other uses can the robot have aside from teleconferencing?

A. The robot can also be remote controlled locally. This means you can drive the robot (Wi-Fi still required) or keep it parked, all while displaying the content of your choice on screen (pictures, videos, apps and more). Your guests will be able to interact with it like a regular iPad.

Q. Is the video encrypted?

A. Yes. The Double app uses the WebRTC 128-bit AES encrypted video standard via OpenTok.

Q. How long does the battery last?

A. The internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides up to 8 hours of normal use.

Q. How do I charge the battery and how quickly does it charge?

A. Double recharges to full capacity in about 2 hours with the provided AC to DC wall adapter.

Q. How much does Double weigh?

A. Approximately 15 lbs (7kg), including the weight of the iPad.

Q. How tall or short can I make Double?

A. You can remotely command Double to hold the iPad anywhere between 47" and 60" tall (approximately 120cm to 150cm).

Q. Does Double come with an iPad?

A. Yes, we include a preconfigured iPad Air 2. We also suggest you rent an additonal iPad Air 2 from Pole Productions for the best performance and ease of use.

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