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Pole Productions offers race and flight simulators equipped with the D-BOX Motion Code™ technology. D-BOX has a patented, award-winning technology that encodes intelligent movement and vibrations for all types of games and feature films. The units are perfect for events in the automotive field, aviation and other high profile venues. Pole Productions also offers you to customize your simulators with your brand.

This package includes:

  • D-Box Racing Simulator with force feedback steering, pedals and shifter;
  • Choice of 47" HDTV, 55" HDTV, 65" 4K Ultra HDTV or panoramic view with 3 x 55" professional screens;
  • 500W RMS/1000W PEAK THX 5.1 certified sound system;
  • High performance computer for exceptional image quality;
  • Network connectivity between simulators for multiplayer action;
  • All other accessories required for simulator operation.

The complete list of supported titles is available here.

Simulator with the panoramic view option with 3 x 55" video wall screens:

Get your brand in the game!

Pole Productions allows you to get single or multiple logos as well your message on racing cars and tracks!

Contact a Pole Productions adivsor to see how your brand can be integrated into the top racing games for the ultimate personalized racing experience!

Our new leaderboard ranking system allows you to display the lap times on a PC or TV screen. Organize a tournament and place your bets! With this setup you can continuously monitor the progress of each participant and top racers on your branded webpage.

Contact a Pole Productions adivsor to see how we can integrate this solution into your event.

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